With the lowering temperatures, cabin fever season is fast approaching. Luckily, your home at Valo is equipped with everything you need to entertain yourself. Here are our top 4 recommended ways to beat boredom at VALO. 

  1. Relax & Recline

Want to get out without leaving the comfort of your home? At VALO, you can have your cake and eat it too. With three resident lounges and a fully-equipped cyber lounge, you have an array of plush pads to hang out. Select the room based on your mood. 

If you’re feeling a game night, invite your squad over to show off your pool skills. Don’t worry. No one saw you scratch. If pool’s not your forte, break out the board games. We’re stacked with your favorites, like Connect Four. 

If you’re looking to relax and revitalize, head to our cyber lounge. Be sure to take advantage of the 24/7 complimentary wifi and coffee. Emphasis on the coffee, but we’re sure we don’t have to tell you twice. 

2. Sweat it Out 

You want to go, go, go without going far. We get it. Work it out in our 24-hour fitness center. Whether you put the pedal to the metal or keep a steady cruise, keep it rolling in our fitness center, equipped with Peloton Bikes. We’re also stacked with weights, premier machines and treadmills. 

If you’re craving some fresh air, take it outside. Our property includes a one-third acre courtyard. This is the perfect space for a brisk walk or some scenic yoga and meditation.

3. Cook Like an Expert

Grab your apron and that recipe you’ve been dying to try. With an open concept and an island, your kitchen at VALO makes you feel like a professional. Take advantage of all that space and your stainless steel appliances. Your homecooked meals have never tasted so good. 

When you want BBQ, you get BBQ. Satisfy your cravings at VALO, because we all know nothing tops homemade. Head to our rooftop to cook at one of our grilling stations. Your friends and family can sit by the bonfire to keep warm while keeping you company. 

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