Everyone has a different way of starting their day, but caffeine seems to be an ultimate go-to. When you live at Valo, you’re always within arm’s reach of your coffee fix. If you’re looking to stick to your routine and order that non-fat, sugar-free, double pump, triple, white chocolate mocha you get every morning, then you’re in luck because Starbucks is located right across the street. If you’re craving a new place to branch out at, experience new flavors and vibes, then our neighborhood is hopping with great local coffee spots you won’t be able to wait and try.

Blue Bottle Coffee

Located on the Wharf and just shy of a mile away, Blue Bottle Coffee is only a 15-minute walk or a 5-minute car ride away from Valo. As if being near the water wasn’t enough, the raw, industrial materials like wood and steel, create an undeniable aesthetic that will consume you. In each sip you will find yourself wanting to embrace all of their unique coffee drinks and learn about their fascinating history, which can also be found here, https://bluebottlecoffee.com/our-story. With a focus on freshness and peak flavor, Blue Bottle Coffee is an expert in making every cup an experience. Enjoy everything from pour-overs and french press to cold brew and New Orleans-style iced. 

Lot 38 Espresso Bar

If being original and off-the-grid is important to you, then you will love Lot 38 Espresso Bar, the hidden gem of our neighborhood. Located just downstairs and around the corner from the front doors of the Courtyard Marriott on L Street, Lot 38 will quickly become your new favorite place to get some work done while you grab a quick bite. They offer Italian coffee drinks, along with pastries, bagels and sandwiches, and two-levels of seating. Only ¾ of a mile from Valo, Lot 38 is a convenient place to socialize and enjoy a savory cup of joe.

Filter Coffeehouse and Espresso Bar

Get in your car or hop on your bike to make your way over to the little orange door. Behind it lies Filter Coffeehouse and Espresso Bar, where they pride themselves on quality and service. They roast a local coffee called, Ceremony Coffee, from nearby Annappolis, MD. From the coffee novice to the coffee connoisseur, this spot is suitable for everyone and anyone’s taste buds. The options are endless here.

Dolcezza Gelato and Coffee

Enjoy both savory and sweet at this D.C. hotspot on The Wharf. Enjoy views of the water while you sip your coffee and enjoy your gelato. Dolcezza’s gelato flavors of the day are made up of fresh ingredients, sourced from local farmers. Along with their gelato and sorbetto ingredients, their espresso and coffee beans are also carefully selected to ensure the best for every cup. Not to mention, they receive their beans fresh every Wednesday, so you know your pour will always be an exciting one.

You can also always choose to wind down with a cup of coffee in your cozy Valo home. But, for those days when you you’re feeling adventurous or just need a change of scenery, the nearby coffee scene of D.C. is available to you with an abundance of options.

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